Face reading astrology or 'Physiognomy' is very useful and just like any other science such as astrology or palmistry and will help you learn more about a person and their personality traits. It can also help you to understand the inherent characteristics and nature of a person. We can know about a person and his fate just by looking at his face and his body parts. Different types of faces reflect different personalities. One can judge the person very easily with this technique.

Face reading is not a new science or research; it has existed since the time of Aristotle. Regarding face reading or appearance, there is an infinite history and extensive literature. The classic literature about reading faces of Homer and Hippocrates was also discovered. But the most extensive research study of appearance belongs to Aristotle. He studied various characteristics such as color, skin, air, limbs, gait and even voice, and wrote his explanation.

For centuries, people have been studying faces to learn more about individuals through the basics of face reading. The curious human mind has always been fascinated to learn more about the thinking of others. The traditional Chinese face-reading method believes in the ideology that the external part of the body reflects the guiding force. There are more than 100 points on the face. You can easily analyze the face using these points and find more about people.

In astrology, the method of telling personality and fortune by studying the body is called Samudrik Shastra. In Samudrik Shastra Vidya, a person can be identified by looking at the face and limbs. Accordin to ancient Indian face reading astrology, your face also tells about your job, career and business.

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